Sunday 24 July 2011

Ok! My first post... here it goes..

I am not a good narrator.. so I will jump straight to the point!Am here to share some recipies and also widen my knowledge about various cuisines of India and improve my cullinary skills.

Why? Because I simply love cooking.

Am a software professional and apart from cooking, my other interest is driving! I love speed and distance both.. 

coming back to the point.. the blog.. well how I plan to scale it out is first by sharing all recipies that I cook on daily basis.. and the special ones occasionally.. ex : biryanis(der are several yummy ways of dishing out this 1!), cakes(egg and eggless both), cookies(egg and eggless both), sweets(south indian mainly),.

To keep blog fresh and unique, I will constantly keep trying new recipies and in turn improvise my cooking skills..

Like I said before.. this blog is for all cooking addicts.. who take pride in preparing good food and seeing some happy faces savouring all that food :) together we will become good better best cooks!! pls do comment if u find any scope of improvement in any of the recipies and share some tips too...

thanks so much for visiting!

1 comment:

  1. Great start. In fact you are a great narrator with u r superb language skills & it will become yummy blog with your marvelous cooking skills.