Wednesday 24 July 2013

Fruit splash!

Dying for a fruit kick, well here it is!!

I have always been a fruits lover.. specially fruit salad,  but too darn lazy to go buy an assortment of fruits and then cut them, but whenever I go out, my favorite dessert turns out to be a fruit salad with a dollop of fresh cream or a fruit syrup or a scoop of ice cream.
As it turns out with most of us, there is always something in outside desserts that you are left asking for morreee...   One fine day I decided to pull my socks up and make that perfect fruit salad which has all the things I love and in EXCESS!! haha

Mixed fruit salad - rainingfood.com

So this is my favorite fruit concoction, you can try different combinations, but hey! don't keep it a secret! go ahead and share!!
I would love to receive a comment or two you know  :))

These are some of my favorite fruits(preferably chilled) and other ingredients

Pieces of Papaya, Musk melon, Mango( there is still time, go grab), Pomegranate seeds, Strawberries (pieces or as it is). To give it a little tangy twist you may add Kiwi too.

Fresh cream (I use Amul, simply delicious), strawberry pulp (or any fruit you like)

Mix all the fruits in a bowl and gently mix part of the cream using a spoon.

At the time of serving, pour in some more cream on top along with a teaspoon full of fruit syrup.

Have a big bowl of salad with fruit juices bursting in your mouth. :-)

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