Sunday 11 August 2013

Pizza bites

I couldn't think of a better name than this.. :-)
It started off with the plan of making garlic bread in the morning. As I prepared the garlic butter, realized that I also have mozzarella  and some veggies! This is garlic bread topped with choice of vegetables topped with mozzarella cheese. At the time of serving, you may sprinkle some chilli flakes and your choice of herbs such as thyme, oregano. Like it sweet? add a dash of ketchup on top. In short, use your imagination!

Let us first start with the recipe for garlic butter

Ingredients (1/2 cup butter)
1/2 cup butter
5 garlic cloves
1/4 tsp black pepper
[You may add more]
Salt to taste
[If you are using salted butter such as Amul, you may not even need to add extra salt]

Coarsely grind garlic cloves. Mix butter, pepper, garlic and salt. Garlic butter is ready.

Recipe for Pizza bites

Slices of bread (Wheat or plain flour)
Chopped capsicum (long pieces)
Onion juliennes
Chopped tomatoes (long pieces)
Mozzarella cheese grated
Ketchup (optional)
Oregano (optional)
Chilli flakes (optional)

Spread generous amount of garlic butter on bread.

Put some veggies on top. I had used raw veggies directly because I like them half cooked but if you prefer roasted veggies then shallow fry them in 1 tsp butter before using.
Top it with grated cheese.

Use a wired rack in grill mode for crispy bread. I have noticed that when you place the bread on baking tray it tends to become soggy at the bottom. To ensure it gets crispy on both sides without having to flip them you need to place the bread on wire rack as shown in the picture. Set the oven in grill mode for 5-7 minutes (till bread becomes crispy). Check after 5 minutes, if need be, grill for another few minutes as required.

Yummy veggie pizza bites are ready! Top it with some ketchup, chilli flakes and herbs for extra flavor.
This morning I made some scrambled egg along with it for a wholesome breakfast.

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