Saturday 8 March 2014

Easy to make pocket pizzas

One fine day I had come home at around 7:30 in the evening, which by the way is pretty early for me, so wanted to make the most of it. I decided to make pizza and bought all the vegetables on my way back. At the time of making, I thought, lets give the pizza a new look! and thats how pocket pizzas happened.

And believe me, pocket like shape has a lot of advantages, the flavour is sealed inside. Also the stuffing along with cheese remains hot and soft for longer period of time compared to a flat pizza. You have all the right reasons to experiment with this shape, so go ahead and try it! You will not be disappointed.

The ingredients and recipe is pretty much similar to the pizza recipe I posted here some time back. Only difference is that I took small dough balls and made 1/4 inch thick round shaped pizza base. 

The vegetables should be finely chopped so they can be conveniently sealed. Non vegetarians can use finely chopped chicken sausages along with vegetables.

First apply some sauce and then sprinkle some grated cheese. [The mistake that I did was I had spread cheese on top of veggies, please avoid that because cheese ends up oozing out.] Place some veggies and seal the pizza by folding them from two corners.

Important : As shown in the pictures, the seal eventually opens up while baking, but that is okay.

At the time of serving, sprinkled some oregano spice mix (Oregano + thyme + very little sea salt) 

A useful tip : Never dispose the spice mix and chilli flakes that you get when you order home delivery for pizzas. They come in handy when you are baking pizza at home! Always stash them in your fridge. 
If not pizza, you can use them for making garlic bread!

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