Sunday 25 November 2012

Pesarattu - Moong dal dosa

Pesarattu is a very easy and convenient breakfast recipe.
Takes very little preparation time and promises great health!

2 cups Chilke waali moong dal
1/2 inch long piece of ginger
1 tsp Jeera
3 green chillies
1 medium sized potato (optional)
2 onions chopped 
Oil or ghee for frying
Salt to taste

Wash thoroughly and soak moong dal in water overnight. Water should be just enough to cover dal.
Grind the soaked dal, ginger, chillies, potato(optional) with the same water. Add as much less water as possible.
Batter should not be dripping at all. Make it soft enough so you could spread it on a pan to make dosa.

Add salt and red chilli powder (optional).

Heat flat non stick (dosa) pan, once its hot, lower the flame, add few drops of oil.
Spread a thin layer of batter on the pan just like you would while making dosa. Pour drops of oil around the corners of dosa. Add chopped onions on top.
When it gets cooked on one side, carefully flip the side so that the onions don't fall off the pan.

Flip it again after few seconds and remove from pan. Pesarattu is ready!

ps :if you like ginger, you may add tiny cut pieces of ginger along with onions while frying the dosa.

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