Monday 24 June 2013

Raining Food!

This is my first post since Raining Food! started; which was yesterday. ;)

So, early in the morning yesterday, I wake up my husband and ask him, "what do you think about Rainingfood for a site name?"  he tells me, "its good, go ahead!" and again dozes off to sleep, meanwhile, I switch on his laptop and go straight to buying a domain on godaddy.com, a name which is pretty popular in India these days. I would attribute most of its popularity to its ads and ofc the name ;) I am not sure if there are better options, but I could think of just one name and that was godaddy.

The inspiration behind the name rainingfood.com is the movie, "Cloudy with a chance of meatball" for obvious reasons!! I loved the title of the film , found it very catchy and imaginative, loved the film too.

I don't have a particular agenda for the site right now.. just that I always wished to have my own domain.
I will continue to post recipes and hope for some interaction with friends, fellow foodies and food bloggers.. share new ideas, tips and food facts.

Thank you friends for visiting. Stay connected!

Psst.. thinking of a logo.. any ideas? :)

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