Monday 8 September 2014

How to make rawa upma interesting

Upma, as boring as it may sound, can be very interesting if made in the right way. My husband used to hate the sight of upma until I came along :D So what is so different in the way I make upma.. here are some tips to make yummy upma

Roast the rawa before boiling. You may microwave for 3 minutes or more depending on the quantity. It should turn golden brown. Upma will be less sticky.

The rule book says, for 1 part of rawa, use 2 parts of water. I say, use 4 parts of water. This way upma will not become like a cake, it will have a soupy texture for as long as possible.

Use tomatoes, corn, finely chopped carrots, beans or any other suitable vegetable for that extra flavour.

Like sweets, where the general idea is, more ghee, better taste, same applies to upma also. Like you would not think twice before adding that extra spoon of ghee to your sweet preparation, even upma should be treated the same way. 1 tsp of ghee for 1 cup of rawa while cooking will be just perfect.

Use fresh oil and give a tadka of chana dal, udat dal, handful of ground nuts along with usual suspects.This is followed by onions and vegetables.

Add salt to water at the time of boiling. Add rawa to boiling water and stir continuously to avoid lumps.

And REMEMBER, it takes less time to cook than maggi noodles. Simmer the flame soon after adding rawa and cover the lid for two minutes. Turn off the gas and give a standing time of 4 minutes. Keep the lid on!

Sprinkle some coriander at the time of serving.

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