Saturday 12 July 2014

Cajun spiced white fish fillet

It was in the U.S where I tasted cajun spice for the first time. My brother in law ordered crabs from a certain place called Crab Shack and I was completely blown away with its peculiar that was spicy and subtle at the same time!!!  It is basically a mix of all the spices that you and I have always been familiar with, but in best possible proportion. I have gone through numerous sites for the exact recipe for Cajun spice but it so happens that everyone has their own mix of herbs and spices so am not really sure which one to follow. Finally decided to buy ready made spice from a reputed brand assuming it will be close to what I had in U.S. 

It did not turn out to be exactly the same, in the sense that it was not as tangy, so I squeezed some lime juice. 

Here is the first recipe with Cajun spice. Well, you can practically use it with anything that you can imagine. 
Simply sprinkle some and roast/fry/grill/boil, a lip smacking dish ready in minutes!


Any white fish fillet [I used Basa
Butter or oil as per need
Cajun spice [Taste a pinch and use as required]
Lime juice as per taste
Black pepper
Salt as per taste

Vegetable sides

Your choice of vegetables, Broccoli, Aubergine, Onions, Cherry tomatoes, Zuccini, Carrots, French beans

Clean and pat dry fillet.

Coat with butter/oil and all spices except lime juice.

Stir fry or grill all chopped vegetables and sprinkle some salt and black pepper.

Grill the fish on wire rack in microwave grill mode for 15 minutes. Check to see if cooked, then grill for another 5 minutes for some browing.

Sprinkle some lime juice at the time of serving. Serve hot!

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