Saturday 28 June 2014

My experience with Glen Electric Tandoor

I got Glen electric tandoor as a birthday gift from my sister few weeks back. It is hardly 20 days old and I cant imagine what I would have done without it. It is a small wonder that every kitchen must have. I haven't explored it completely till now but am going to share my experience so far.

I was not very happy with the tandoor option in my microwave. It would take a minimum of 20 minutes to grill anything and the end result also wasn't great (as compared to electric tandoor) . Glen tandoor manages to cook in less time, roasts the outside, keeping the inside soft and juicy.

So far I have tried grilling sweet potato, regular potato, other vegetables and chicken of course. The results were amazing! Unlike microwave where you need to keep checking from time to time to prevent over cooking or under cooking, you just have to check once after first 10 minutes during which time you will mostly be done, if not, you may check after another 5 minutes.

I used to get baffled with all the modes and settings in microwave and this one is a breeze. It has a regulator with just 3 settings, that's it!

Electric tandoor is not a complete replacement for microwave, as you will still be using it for baking, defrosting and heating but you can blindly chuck it when it comes to grilling and roasting purposes.

Some pictures now... write to me if you need to know anything more.. I will be happy to hear your experience with gas/electric oven/tandoor. Please do leave your suggestions, comments.

One lesson learnt.. spread aluminium foil on the tray before use, cleaning will be easy.

Oh by the way, it was bought for Rs 3600.

Sweet potato roasted to perfection

Chicken ready for grill

Grilled Chicken

Potato ready for grill
Grilled potato

Here are the recipes..

Tandoori Chicken, grilled sweet potato, Tandoori Aloo


  1. Hello mam...dis is Priya...wanted to know what more recipes can b prepared in electric tandoori...as I m vegetarian...m very much fond of cakes...plz guide me how can I make it in tandoori.

  2. @priya keshari the first thing to do is prepare paneer tikka dry version....favorite of the veggies like m

  3. hey what's d preheat mode in dis electric grill...

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    1. Not happy with this product. I tried to make tandoori roti , they become hard . I don't recommend this product.

  5. Best for tandoori chicken and tandoori fish.

  6. My tandoori roti and paranthas become hard . I apply little bit water n oil on both sides as well

  7. My Roti's and paranthas become hard n crispy. I brush little oil n water mixture also. Really disappointed. Please guide

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  9. This chicken looks delicious!